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Different tones of an accordion are based on the use of multiple voices and multiple registers. The most common voices (melody side) are :

Registers are a combination of several voices, it's what you select by pressing the various selection buttons of the accordion. The most common registers are:

Antoine tuning a diatonic Hohner accordion
Accordion tuning

The combination of two notes detuned together give birth to a vibrato, a beat between the two notes becoming ever faster as the two notes are more detuned. It is here that reigns custom tuning of each instrument, based on the music you play on your accordion. The most common tunings are listed below but there are an infinite ones, which only depends on your desires ...

The clean flute alone The clean flute associated with the high flute (two voices brio) The clean flute associated with the high and low flutes (three voices brio)
Comparative charts of different combinations of flutes

All these tunings can be made in our workshop, no one being better than another. It only depends on your repertoire, your tastes,... of you... If you wish, it is also possible to use intermediate tunings, the most common being the attenuated american and increased american.